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Create A World-Class Business YouTube Channel With Zach Basner’s Success Formula

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Yet, many people still haven’t realized its full potential. People don’t know how to leverage its power for the most effective lead generation. Either they don’t create the right content, or if they do, they don’t know how to optimize it correctly for YouTube. 

So, according to Zach Basner, director of InBound training, it doesn’t have to be hard. With the right strategies set in place, you can turn your YouTube channel into a powerful lead generation machine for years to come.

Before we talk about how to do it, let’s establish why we’re focusing on YouTube and not any other social platform.

Why YouTube?

It’s simple. YouTube is not only the second largest search engine (after Google), but it’s also an entire social media community – and possibly one of the most loyal ones out there. Either people come to YouTube to search for specific information or just end up watching random videos that they find interesting. (Does anyone else relate to watching amusing cat videos at 3 am in the night for no reason?)


The point is that people trust this platform and come back to it time and time again for valuable pieces of content. It’s unique in what it offers the digital world. But all that aside, this still doesn’t explain its sale potential. 


How is it that you can use YouTube to generate leads and sales for your business?


According to Inbound speaker, Zach Basner, about 90% of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube. The study that revealed this had a sample size of 20,000 internet users! So, we’re not just playing around here. YouTube has immense potential for businesses.


When people come to YouTube, they tend to search for precise questions on products or services that go something along the lines of “What’s the best X (product/service) for me?” And over time, search results like these have grown 110% in watch time! It shows how fast Youtube is becoming a rich marketplace in the digital world, via which your business could actually benefit. 


So, now the question remains, how can you take advantage of all this YouTube business potential?


On-Page & Off-Page SEO for Videos

Let’s start with something simple. Search engine optimization is probably one of the best ways you can strategize lead generation with YouTube. As marketers, we’re usually aware of this concept. But what we may not realize is that from both Off-Page and On-Page SEO, we’re only in control of one: the latter.


On-page SEO for videos determines how we optimize our content so that potential buyers can easily find it when they’re looking for it. So, it concerns aspects like your video title, description, tags (or keywords), and playlists. It’s all about increasing traffic and generating leads to your website as a result of it. 


Meanwhile, when it comes to Off-Page SEO, it’s our viewers that are largely responsible for it. It involves things like what people watch or don’t watch, watch time, video popularity, and how much time a viewer may spend on YouTube.


Even though we’re only in control of On-Page SEO, it’s actually Off-Page SEO that has a more significant influence on our video performance. Because of the way the YouTube algorithm works, our audience determines how successful our content is going to be (more than we can). Of course, we can make an effort to do our part (like making great content), but ultimately, our channel success depends on our viewers.

Therefore, we can deduce that it’s not the views that are important but the viewers. Channel views don’t turn into buyers, but viewers do.

The CAM Formula

With all this SEO information, Zach Basner and his team created a formula for YouTube success called the CAM formula, which stands for: Create, Attract, Move. Using this three-part formula, you can streamline your YouTube content so that it generates leads for your organization.


As you do this, it can help you create great content, build a strong community, and attract real buyers into that community.


And Zach Basner was kind enough to take us through all three of these steps and the strategies involved within them to help you optimize video content for your business.


So, let’s explore these fundamental ideas that can help you increase business sales through YouTube.


  • The Right Content

While it may seem obvious that you need to make good content, we’re trying to focus on buyers here. As mentioned before, it’s not the views that translate into real buyers/investors in your brand but the viewers. And there are a few primary aspects that potential buyers look for in content but don’t often find: cost/price, problems, comparison, reviews, etc.

According to Basner, people who have massively grown their YouTube channels have used these aspects to their advantage. What this essentially means is talking about these things in your content.

Let’s take cost/price as an example. If you have previously ignored this part of your business, it’s not doing you any good. On the contrary, your viewers are usually looking for information related to price or cost and similarly regarding comparison or reviews. 


Hence, when you provide them with such information, it’s also more likely to generate views. But more importantly, it attracts buyers. People will know that you’re not merely selling things but also providing them with real value.

  • Brand Your Channel

The second part of the “Create” step of Zach Basner’s YouTube success formula is to build a YouTube channel that has a unique identity. Doing this will help you create a brand image and also help viewers trust your business. 

So, what this implies is that your channel shouldn’t be all advertisements and no resources. On the contrary, you should build the kind of YouTube channel that serves as a valuable resource to people. In other words, you can’t come off as a business trying to throw promotional content in viewers’ faces. You must offer more than that if you want to build a loyal customer base.

Hence, share information related to the industry you work in and let your audience know you’re creating content for them. When you do this, you’ll see the magic happen.


  • Custom Thumbnails

The power of custom thumbnails is incredible. These are the key to making a great first impression on potential customers. And first impressions are crucial. So, according to Basner, click-worthy thumbnails should be large, bold, and have contrasting text. If you focus on these three elements, you can ensure that your thumbnails aren’t dull.

That aside, it’s also important to emphasize the subject matter in your thumbnail, whether that be a person, product, or service.

And finally, custom thumbnails should successfully paint a picture or demonstrate what your video will look like. Viewers click on content when they see a thumbnail, and it evokes a sense of curiosity within them to want to see more of it. Also, it’s smart to have a common theme across all your video thumbnails.

So, you should keep this in mind while creating thumbnails for your content. They can have immense influence if you orient them the right way.

  •  Buyer-Focused Titles

When you’re making videos for your audience, you should remember that they are for them to watch and not you. Your organization should be creating and delivering content in such a way that it appeals to the viewers. And one of the best ways you can catch their attention is by the titles.

Put yourself in the shoes of potential customers of your brand for a moment. How would buyers be asking questions? What words would they use? 


Once you do this, you can then utilize this information to target your titles the way your buyers would search or question them. 


  • Calls-To-Action

When it comes to calls-to-action, you must be specific and direct. It involves asking your viewers to do something specific for you. But that’s not all. Calls to action only work when they’re relevant to the viewer. So, you can’t just ask your audience to do something that would only benefit you.


For example, if you say “go ahead and find more information on our website,” it sounds like a task, and people are less likely to do it.


But if you say, “So, click this link to find out more about how YOU can benefit from it,” it’s more specific and direct. People are more likely to engage with it.

  • Valuable Offers

If you don’t have something valuable to offer, there’s no point in creating content. While this is a pretty well-known fact in today’s social media community, we still need to stress it because of its importance. 


For starters, if somebody is watching your video, you should ask yourself what their primary fear, worry, question, or concern could be. What is it that they want, and what can you offer to help meet that demand? When you ask yourself such questions, you can clarify what it is that you’re trying to achieve with your YouTube channel, and it can help you streamline your content for the audience you want to target.


As we offer real value to people, we can stand out from the competition because, unlike others, your content won’t be empty, fake, or promotional. Remember that any relationship – especially that between a business and customer – must work two-way. So, unless and until you’re willing to offer something of value to your people, they won’t respond the same way either.

Key Takeaway

So, in conclusion, as you’ve seen, YouTube has incredible business and marketing prospects. If you use these strategies revealed to us by Zach Basner at this year’s Inbound Event, you can truly leverage the platform’s potential to your organization’s advantage.


It’s all about playing the YouTube game right, and as a result, increasing your lead generation impressively. We hope that these steps offered some value to you and that you’ll be able to implement them in your channel successfully!



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