How to Write Successful Facebook Ad Copy

How to Write Successful Facebook Ad Copy

As a brand, it makes sense that you would fine-tune your social media standing. Part of it is social media ads. While many businesses like to hire the best of the best for design, what some may miss out on is the fact that every effective Facebook ad comes with phenomenal ad copy

There is no set in stone Facebook ad copy template. But there are plenty of ways you can use your copy to effectively communicate to your target market and turn your leads into conversions. 

Don’t Give in to the Trap

It can be super tempting to write like you are working on a legendary text for an epic. Remember, you want the ad to be successful and gauge as much of the target audience as possible. So play smart. Think about your ideal customer and talk to only them. 

Think about their needs, their tone, and the words that will pique their interest. 

Make Sure Your Copy is in Sync with the Visuals

More often than not, when you are sifting through Facebook ad copy examples you tend to come across ads that are alienated from the image. A good copywriter offers their insight into what the visuals could be for the designer to take forward. 

If the visuals are suggesting something and the copy is headed in an entirely different direction, customers may not take your brand seriously at all. Other times potential customers will just be too confused about what the advertisement is for. 

Always Have a Concept

Part of the copywriting process is to base your work on a solid strategy. This strategy stems from insight and statistics about the target audience. Before you sit down to pen your latest copy, you must first think about the one relatable thing that you want to talk about, and use it in amalgamation with your creative hook. 

Many famous copywriters often immerse themselves in the habit of what their audience would do. They talk to ordinary people and ask what friends and family think of a specific brand. Having a perspective is important, but not easy. A good idea is to have a brainstorming session with your entire creative team. If you are a freelancer, get in touch with the designer or visual artists, and get their input on the ad you are about to create. 

Keep it Simple

Remember you don’t want your audience to think too hard about what the ad means. Your ad could be a creative masterpiece, but does it resonate with the audience within the first few seconds. 

On top of this, be realistic. Chances are the target audience does not even have the patience to read the entire ad. To motivate them to do so, begin with value and then keep it simple so they don’t feel like it’s a lot of work. Remember you are writing copy for a mobile ad. No one has more than a few seconds to be captivated by what you have to say as they scroll through their feed. A neat way around this is to take out adjectives, and use shorter word.

Use the Business’s Brand Voice

Every brand has a trademark tone and voice. This could be formal or informal. Looking closely at the brand you will also be able to figure out how casual that voice should be. Some brands work hard to write witty copy, others paint a picture of happiness and bliss. When in doubt, remember your brand voice is the way your target audience usually talks. 

Transparency is Good

It helps when you are upfront with your customer base. If there are things that you do differently than others in your industry, talk about them. These can serve as positive focal points especially in the post COVID world, where audiences are becoming more and more susceptible of things, and appreciate honesty. 


There are plenty of things that go with building this trust. For example, there is nothing wrong with advertising the cost of how much a particular product costs. As an effective marketer, let your audience make the decision to buy your goods at the spot; list all the information they need so it is easier for them to make the decision.

Edit, Edit, Edit

It may be a couple of sentences, but your ad copy is going to be viewed by thousands, if not millions of people on social media. 

It is easy to miss out on typos and errors. A good idea is to put in place a quality assurance team that can proofread the final copy. If you are not sure about the copy and think you might change it after all, sleep on it, and read it again in the morning. 

Remember it does not matter if you are new at writing copy or an expert, everyone can make mistakes. 

Do Not Forget the Call to Action 

You began with a goal, make sure you stick to it till the end. Never hesitate to add a clear call to action in all your copy. Facebook users may view your ad and actually be interested in buying your product. 

Your ads are only effective if they meet a specific marketing goal. Without a call to action, your target audience will less likely increase footfall or engaging with your brand.

Test Your Copy

We all know that coming up with the perfect ad comes through experience. Facebook allows you to run different ads with the same image and different copy. This will help you monitor what copy is more relevant for the audience and convinces them to buy your product. 


Be sure to make a report from the testing process. Depending on what the goal of your ad was, the results can vary. Learning from this testing will help you decide on a direction on what you should write on your next copy for the same brand. 


All the best ads drive results on Facebook. That is the beauty of choosing a social media platform for your advertising strategy. Everyone you are trying to sell to is hooked on to a screen. 


When you bring your A-game on how to write good Facebook ad copy you are better able to maintain a competitive edge. 


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