Export Your Pinterest Ads Data (Coming soon)

With BetterMetrics, you can quickly move your Pinterest Ads data to the data destination of your choice, e.g., Google Sheets. Not only that, but BetterMetrics also allows you to make better and more detailed reports out of the data you extract: so it’s a win overall.

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Move the campaign data to the reporting tool of your choice

Whether it is Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, or Google BigData Query: BetterMetrics will help you seamlessly transfer your data, and it will update it every hour, without you doing anything. From that point on, you can easily work with the data to create reports and other analyses of your data.

Pinterest Ads - but the list doesn’t end there

Yes, you heard that right! You can extract data from multiple sources like Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads and use them combined with Pinterest Ads! Basically, it will give you the full, live overview of how all your advertisement channels are playing together.

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Export your Pinterest Ads data

BetterMetrics syncs your Pinterest Ads data every hour, so it is easy to export it to different data destinations. This means that you don’t have to go through the hell of manually copying and pasting data into spreadsheets.

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