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Export your Twitter Ads data and move it to the data destination of your choice. 


Twitter advertising has taken off in the past few years, and has led to many businesses improving their marketing and growth campaigns on their ad network. This is because Twitter Ads help you reach specific niches of potential customers, gain more followers, and measure results in real-time, all of which ultimately contribute to your campaign’s overall success. 


However, this also means that your Twitter Ads are generating LOTS of data every second! Needless to say, it is hard to keep track of it all. Furthermore, it is even harder to export that data to data destinations such as Google Sheets or Google Data Studio and would possibly require you to put in a lot of manual labor. 


Not if you choose BetterMetrics, though. 


BetterMetrics automatically syncs data from data sources like Twitter Ads to various Google data destinations every hour. This saves you from the unwanted copy-pasting exertion! Not only that, but BetterMetrics also enables you to create detailed and insightful reports out of the data.

Here’s how BetterMetrics helps:

Mix and match sources 1

Get all your Twitter Ads data in one place.

No longer do you have to spend hours upon hours collecting your Twitter Ads data, InsteadBetterMetrics automatically syncs your data every hour, so that it can easily move across different data destinations.

The one stop shop for all your data

Combine data from multiple sources.

You can combine your Twitter Ads data with data from other sources to easily see how well your different marketing channels are performing. Whether it’s Facebook Ads, Reddit Ads, or Google Ads: you can easily extract the necessary metrics and use them in combination with your Twitter Ads data.

Comprehensive and elaborate insights 1

Move Twitter Ads data to multiple destinations.

Whether you want to put your data in a comprehensive spreadsheet on Google Sheets or analyze it under Google Data Studio, you can use BetterMetrics to seamlessly move your data across different Google data destinations and spin out powerful campaigns in the future.

Leverage your Twitter Ads data with BetterMetrics.

BetterMetrics is

  • Saving you a ton of time
  • Giving you the overview of your campaign performance like nobody else
  • Easy to use

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