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BetterMetrics picks up your marketing data from your advertising accounts, like Facebook Ads, and brings it to your favorite reporting tool, like Google Sheets, every hour — making manual PPC reporting a thing of the past.

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“BetterMetrics has made our reporting so much easier.
Now we always know how our campaigns are performing.

– Jennifer Montague, Director of Marketing at Dixa

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Three simple steps will make your life much easier than yesterday:

All Your Marketing
Data in just 3 minutes.

google account

Sign up

Sign up with your Google Account. We will automatically access your Google Ads campaign data so you don't have to connect it afterward.

ad networks

Connect your ad accounts

Connect your remaining ad accounts from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Bing.


You're done!

Your Marketing Data is available in Google Sheets and updates hourly. If you want, you can choose to export it to Google Data Studio or BigQuery as well for easy Marketing Reporting.



Static data

Did you know that 68% of online marketers use static and outdated data for reporting?


False reporting

Statistics show that up to 82% of marketers have produced incorrect reports for their C-level management because of outdated data.


Waste of time

92% of digital marketers spend too much time collecting data from different sources for internal metrics reporting.

Can I try it?
How much does BetterMetrics cost?

You can enjoy BetterMetrics’s marketing data automation awesomeness for just $99/month. If you spend more than just 4 hours per month on pulling reports, copy-pasting, setting it up in a sheet, and so on… and let’s be honest here… you spend a lot more time than that! By using BetterMetrics automated PPC reporting, then you basically just got all that time back, so you can do something useful that will move the needle to more business and more revenue – what’s not to like? 🚀

Who is behind BetterMetrics?

The BetterMetrics team includes marketing and tech industry experts that love data and hate wasting money. We all share the same mission – to stop wasting time on manual reporting tasks that can be automated.


That’s why we’ve built a powerful marketing automation platform, which collects all the marketing analytics you need and helps you make better decisions with live data. We couldn’t find a robust solution that met our needs, so we’ve decided to make our own data reporting tool: BetterMetrics.

Where can I see your Privacy Policy?

You can access our privacy Policy right here. 

How do you process my data?

In order for BetterMetrics to do its magic, we will pull data from your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads accounts, and store that data in our own database.

The data we pull from your ad accounts are purely campaign data.

Campaign data contains information about your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, clicks, impressions, conversions, and the rest of your campaign metrics available in the different ad platforms.

We do that so we can quickly show you how your campaigns are performing in BetterMetrics. We also do that, so we can export your data to Google Sheets if you wish to use this option. If you wish to export your data to Google Sheets, then we would need access to your Google account, so that we can upload your campaign data to Google Sheets. We will never ask you for your username or password for any of the mentioned services. You will log in to your account as you normally would, authenticate that we are allowed to access your data and that is basically all that is needed.

If you at any point wish to remove our access to your data from the ad platforms, then you can do that through your account at Google, Facebook, or Bing.

Finally, if you choose to cancel your account, then we will delete all your data from our servers.

If you want to look into the engine room of how we handle your data and your privacy, then head over to our Privacy Policy right here. 

Work smarter

Life is too short for manual processes


Get live campaign data

Stay in control of your marketing performance with an easy snapshot of how much you've spent on your digital advertising, pulled directly from Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads.


Synch with Google Sheets, Google Data Studio or Google BigQuery

Every hour your marketing campaign data is refreshed, so you can review your marketing analytics in real-time, anywhere. Synch your data to Google Sheets, Google Data Studio or Google BigQuery.


Save money and time

Instantly review the performance of all of your marketing metrics and campaign data in one place!

Supercharge your performance

Stay on top
of your marketing KPIs

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  • Premium
  • $ 99
    Per Month (Time-Limited offer - Save 50% !)
  • Your Always Up-To-Date Marketing Data Analytics In One Place:

    • Export data from Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads & Facebook Ads
    • Export your Marketing data to Google Sheets for easy reporting
    • Export your Marketing data to Google Data Studio for easy reporting
    • Hourly refresh of data 24/7
    • Unlimited number of users
  • Enterprise
  • $ 249
    Per month
    • All features in the premium package plus:
    • Export your Marketing Data to Google BigQuery