Export Your Google Analytics Data

There is literally a ton of data that Google Analytics will provide you with, you might find yourself struggling to analyze it easily in Google Analytics’ own interface. A better solution would be to set up a scheduled export to Google Sheets, Data Studio or BigQuery so that you always have your GA data available for analysis. Bettermetrics helps you do a lot more with Google Analytics.

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Create comprehensive, always up-to-date reports

Using the tools provided by BetterMetircs you can transform your Google Analytics data into comprehensive reports that will help you gauge multiple web properties and track your progress a lot better.

Combine data from multiple sources

Since BetterMetrics allows you to get data from other sources such as Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads (and more), you can use it to elevate your Google Analytics data by combining it with data from other platforms. It’s a win-win situation.

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Easily extract data from Google Analytics

You can easily extract data from Google Analytics and move it across to other destinations – giving you the opportunity to analyze data in spreadsheets, Google Data Studio, or BigQuery.

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