No Code, No Hassle - Google BigQuery (Coming Soon)

Move all your marketing data into BigQuery without going through the hassle of coding. Have you and your marketing team been wondering how to transfer your cross-channel marketing data into Google BigQuery? BetterMetrics is the ultimate solution – especially if you want to achieve this without coding!

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Collect and Organize All Your Data In One Place

Gather data from multiple sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Ads. Organize all of it in your data warehouse, and then conveniently compare your campaigns across different networks. This helps you streamline your campaigns as well as makes the data collection process easier!

Visualize Data In The Best Way Possible

Using technology cutting-edge BetterMetric tools, you can feed your data into BigQuery and Google Data Studio. This way, you can easily create a focused and smart dashboard that merges and combines all of this data.

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Model the Data However You Like

If you want to model your marketing data however you like, you must move it into BigQuery. BigQuery is a much better option than complicated spreadsheets as it does not come with computing power restrictions! So, move your data into BigQuery using BetterMetrics if you want full freedom to play with your data!

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