It’s Time to Get Up Close with Google Data Studio

Want to build a dashboard that uses and collects your ad data from Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedin & Bing? BetterMetrics has that – and more – covered for you.

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Say Hello to an Insightful Dashboard

Google Data Studio allows you to say goodbye to the old and tedious ways of showcasing data. Pairing your Google Data Studio with BetterMetrics can help you save hours of work. That’s because BetterMetrics connects all your marketing data to Google Data Studio, which then organizes all of it using top-notch data visualization algorithms. Google Data Studio will help you transform a boring spreadsheet into an insightful and interactive dashboard, which you can create quickly and within a few clicks – only with BetterMetrics.

Pull Data From Multiple Sources

Use BetterMetrics to extract data from all your marketing platforms in one go. This will save you time and effort – if you get down to familiarizing yourself with each platform before you get your data, you will be putting yourself through a struggle that is totally uncalled for. And that is why BetterMetrics is here to pull your data from any source and link it with Google Data Studio.

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Let’s Automate It All

BetterMetrics saves you and your marketing team’s precious time by automating the entire process of extracting data. They no longer need to spend hours gathering data and creating reports – BetterMetrics does all of that for you in the fastest possible time. And in the meantime, your marketing team can focus on managing the ad accounts better and showcasing marketing reports faster.

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