We Are BetterMetrics!

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Let’s admit it: We are super lazy people, and we hate to do the same task over and over again.

So often did we get this question from our manager: how much did we spend on ads this month? On which channels? What was the average CPC, and so many other questions!

Every time, we had to log in to Facebook Ads, Google ads, and so on, pull out the numbers, throw them together in a spreadsheet, and thenĀ we could answer. Doing this one time, fine… I can handle that. Doing it twice, this is getting boring… Doing it week after week, please stop!

That’s exactly how we felt when we thought there had to be a better way of getting marketing data out of the different ad networks.

We couldn’t find a robust solution that met our needs, so we’ve decided to make our own data reporting tool: BetterMetrics.

So if you feel a bit lazy and overloaded with manual data exports, then you are the perfect user of BetterMetrics.