Move Your Reddit Ads Data in Just a Few Clicks (Coming soon)

With BetterMetrics, you can easily sync your data from your Reddit Ads account to Google Sheets and Google Data Studio, and Google BigQuery. So say goodbye to the braindead copy-pasting because BetterMetrics makes everything easier.

No credit card is required

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Make use of the best reporting tools

Our job doesn’t just end with collecting and syncing data. BetterMetrics also allows you to make highly detailed and insightful reports from your Reddit Ads data in either Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, or Google BigQuery.

Combine Reddit Ads data with data from other sources

We know that it is better for campaign reporting to mix and match data sources. This makes the transparency of the results so much more powerful! So, with BetterMetrics, you can get data from Reddit Ads AND Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads. (and more). You can sync everything together and collect it in a single spreadsheet to save time every single day.

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Access all your Reddit Ads data

Why waste time on finding the data you need manually? BetterMetrics automatically syncs all your Reddit Ads data to the data destinations of your choice every hour, so rest assured that you’ll have all the metrics at your fingertips.

Try Bettermetrics for free

Get full access to Bettermetrics for Reddit Ads with a 7-day free trial. No credit card required.

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