Collect and Export Your Google Ads

With BetterMetrics, you can bid farewell to the tedious old ways of copy-pasting your data. We enable you to export your Google Ads data across multiple platforms, within just a few clicks.

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Consolidate Your Data From Multiple Accounts

Do you want to access all your marketing data in one go? BetterMetrics allows you to create multi-account reports that will help you organize data from all your Google Accounts into a single report.

Access All Your Google Ads Data

With us, you don’t have to worry about scourging your accounts to get your required data. BetterMetrics enables you to get all the necessary metrics and dimensions you need to leverage your analysis and reporting needs.

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Pull Data From Different Sources

Combining your data from Google Ads and other marketing sources will help you get a deep understanding of your marketing metrics. That’s why BetterMetrics allows you to conveniently merge your data from different ad platforms and create cross-channel reports.

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